NYMYSTERIES.COM  Aug. 13, 2021 


I associate the word gout with cartoons of well fed gents sitting in English clubs with one leg resting on a foot stool. According to Doctor Google It’s a painful form of arthritis. When your body has extra uric acid sharp pain may form in the big toe or other joints.

I have joined the gout club. After hobbling around for a week, submerging my big right foot toe in icy water, and elevating it to no avail, I consulted a doctor. Did I want a needle or pills? We started with the needle, switched to pills.  I was given a stern talk on what not to eat: the usual (delicious) culprits: booze, red meat, sea food, anchovies (Huh?)

A few surprises: Cherries, diary, coffee, water, bananas, citrus fruit are good for gout sufferers.

Scallops, peaches, apples should be avoided.

You are not alone. Some famous gout sufferers: Henry VIII, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Issac Newton. What? No women?