Our Farmers Market

NYMYSTERIES.COM  Sept. 18, 2021 

Celebrating our Farmers Market.

Most Sundays I look out of my Stuyvesant Town window and see seven or eight white tents. Under each tent a merchant is setting up a fruit or bread or flower or meat or fish stand. It opens at 9:30 am and closes around 4 pm. It’s the place to meet and greet, buy fresh, farm produce and enjoy the Oval – that’s Stuyvesant Town’s grassy area decked with Adirondack chairs and a fountain.

Sunday Stuyvesant Town Farmers Market

Sunday Stuyvesant Town Farmers Market

Sunday Stuyvesant Town Farmers Market

The Museum of Art & Design

NYMYSTERIES.COM  Sept. 11, 2021 

Have you been to the Museum of Art and Design? It’s at  2 Columbus Circle. What a delightful surprise. Over five floors of imaginative craft art. 

Sheila Pepe’s Common Sense
Marvin Lipofsky, Glass
Juliana Lima Vasconcellos Giraffe Chair
Marvin Lipofsky, Glass


NYMYSTERIES.COM  Sept. 4, 2021 

Ted Dawson leads a Judson Memorial Church group that is determined to  have Jean returned to his home, the U. S. A. The following is a quote from the Judson team. “Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security has a pending request on his desk to grant Jean a humanitarian pardon. Please consider writing an email ASAP to Secretary Mayorkas asking him to grant this pardon for Jean and to finally reunite Jean with his family.”

Just as we did when we reached out to all our contacts in Virginia, we can do this too!

Let’s Bring Jean Home, Now!

Thank you,

The Judson Immigration Task Force