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NYMYSTERIES.COM  Aug. 28 2021 

We went to the International Center of Photography at 79 Essex Street. The Center had moved into a snazzy, three story building. I appreciated the sleek building if not most of the photography. There were a few exceptions. The photograph of the African American woman looking out the car window is wonderful. Either this was an impromptu shot or she’s  a fine actor. I apologize for not knowing the photographer’s name who shot the picture.

International Center of Photography

Then it was on to the Essex Market across the street. From open air push cart venders to the 1940’s Essex Market to this wonderful, colorful array of food from all over the world. Downstairs, we had lunch at Veselka’s. Delicious pierogues followed by yummy pancakes.

Essex Market


We went to the Museum of the City of New York.

There’s a new puppet exhibit. Head to the second floor and immerse yourself in childhood memories. One complaint: no Kuckla, Fran and Ollie but there is Howdy Doody.

To quote from the cultural information billboards: The Lion King and Avenue Q are recent examples of puppets on stage. The Metropolitan Opera is indebted to puppets: Madame Butterfly, The Magic Flute, Satyagraha. Puppets are used to celebrate different ethnic holidays: the rip-roaring Chinese dragons on Lunar New Years, scary puppets at the West Village Halloween Parade and puppet barons for the Macy Special on Thanksgiving.

A founder of the Halloween parade, Ralph Lee, a puppeteer whose work was featured in the 1973 parade, is honored.

Howdy Doody
Duke Ellington puppet among others



NYMYSTERIES.COM  Aug. 13, 2021 


I associate the word gout with cartoons of well fed gents sitting in English clubs with one leg resting on a foot stool. According to Doctor Google It’s a painful form of arthritis. When your body has extra uric acid sharp pain may form in the big toe or other joints.

I have joined the gout club. After hobbling around for a week, submerging my big right foot toe in icy water, and elevating it to no avail, I consulted a doctor. Did I want a needle or pills? We started with the needle, switched to pills.  I was given a stern talk on what not to eat: the usual (delicious) culprits: booze, red meat, sea food, anchovies (Huh?)

A few surprises: Cherries, diary, coffee, water, bananas, citrus fruit are good for gout sufferers.

Scallops, peaches, apples should be avoided.

You are not alone. Some famous gout sufferers: Henry VIII, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Issac Newton. What? No women?

Hitler & Dictators

NYMYSTERIES.COM  Aug. 6, 2021 

What about masks?  Love to know your opinion. 

I’ve been reading about Hitler. John Lukacs wrote a fine book comparing him and Churchill. Lukacs claimed that Hitler and Mussolini were revolutionaries and Churchill was a conservative. He examines why Mussolini was initially admired by Churchill and why many Germans and Austrians supported Hitler. 

 Governor Cuomo thinks he owns the governorship. He doesn’t. It’s a rental. His confidence and political smarts have made many New Yorkers like me turn a blind eye to his behavior. Has he groomed a successor? Of course not. Dictators don’t. After he leaves office, he can take pride in the mistakes his successor makes.

Who succeeds him? The Lieutenant Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul.

Elizabeth Herwood, Paris deserves credit for these photos.

Yoo hoo, Gov. Cuomo.
Yoo hoo, Gov. Cuomo