Brooklyn Navy Yard


September 11, 2022

I walked 9,543 steps yesterday. A friend led another woman and me over hill and dale to the Brooklyn Navel Yard for a Craft Brew Fest. For $35.50 or $45.50 you were given a tiny plastic glass. You walked through the air conditioned interior to an enormous backyard. There were different stands offering beer samples, alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Of course there was LOUD music. The crowd and vendors were good natured. At four p.m. the party closed down. A nearby road led to the ferry. After a hot day it was a pleasure to be on the Hudson.

A swanky vendor
Dig in.
Have an alcoholic gummy bear

Holland, Michigan

Michigan Clouds
Welcome to Holland


September 3, 2022

Hi Everyone, As you know, I took a break. Ten days in Michigan. What a state. Its calm, clean lakes surround you. Everywhere there’s a forest and the clouds are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

Have you been to Holland? It’s an enchanting town on Lake Michigan. It was founded in the mid-nineteenth century by the Dutch who were fleeing religious persecution. What a journey. The Dutch crossed the northern Atlantic, landing in New York City and continuing to the St. Lawrence River that runs through Michigan.

Holland reminded me of the Hamptons many years ago, before they were polluted with glitz, new snobbery and wealth. Five hundred plus people on Lake Michigan’s beach were quieter than my YMCA swimming class. No radios, no sound except quiet Michigan voices and very happy looking kids. 

John Bellairs came from nearby Marshall and wrote the wonderful children’s story, The House with a Clock in its Walls. Another favorite writer, Elmore Leonard, came from a Detroit suburb.

Michigan: a state that has everything.