The Cooper Hewitt Museum


August 12, 2022

My friend and I went to the Cooper Hewitt Museum at 2 East 91st Street.The design museum is part of the Smithsonian. Compared with the bigger museums, it’s downright cozy. Botanical Gardens demonstrates nature through the display of thirteen botanical models.This also includes a display of 18th century decorative arts. 

Do you like doll houses? I do. There’s a modern interpretation on the third floor. Imagine a New York City building outfitted like a doll house. It’s wonderful and it’s based on an actual building.

We ended our visit by going to the museum’s cafe and taking our lunch into the quiet, green garden.

How’s this for a doll’s house?
The doll’s house is based on this apartment house.

Sundays in Stuyvesant Town


August 6, 2022

One of the rewards of summer is the Sunday fruit, vegetable, fish and flower market we have in Stuyvesant Town. In addition to stocking up on homemade and fresh food, it’s an opportunity to chat with vendors and neighbors. Many a recipe is exchanged.