Hitler & Dictators

NYMYSTERIES.COM  Aug. 6, 2021 

What about masks?  Love to know your opinion. 

I’ve been reading about Hitler. John Lukacs wrote a fine book comparing him and Churchill. Lukacs claimed that Hitler and Mussolini were revolutionaries and Churchill was a conservative. He examines why Mussolini was initially admired by Churchill and why many Germans and Austrians supported Hitler. 

 Governor Cuomo thinks he owns the governorship. He doesn’t. It’s a rental. His confidence and political smarts have made many New Yorkers like me turn a blind eye to his behavior. Has he groomed a successor? Of course not. Dictators don’t. After he leaves office, he can take pride in the mistakes his successor makes.

Who succeeds him? The Lieutenant Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul.

Elizabeth Herwood, Paris deserves credit for these photos.

Yoo hoo, Gov. Cuomo.
Yoo hoo, Gov. Cuomo