We went to the Museum of the City of New York.

There’s a new puppet exhibit. Head to the second floor and immerse yourself in childhood memories. One complaint: no Kuckla, Fran and Ollie but there is Howdy Doody.

To quote from the cultural information billboards: The Lion King and Avenue Q are recent examples of puppets on stage. The Metropolitan Opera is indebted to puppets: Madame Butterfly, The Magic Flute, Satyagraha. Puppets are used to celebrate different ethnic holidays: the rip-roaring Chinese dragons on Lunar New Years, scary puppets at the West Village Halloween Parade and puppet barons for the Macy Special on Thanksgiving.

A founder of the Halloween parade, Ralph Lee, a puppeteer whose work was featured in the 1973 parade, is honored.

Howdy Doody
Duke Ellington puppet among others