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                   Mary Jo Robertiello

Welcome to my web page. In the photo I’m eying ballet slippers left as a tribute to the great Russian dancer and choreographer, Diaghilev. He’s buried in San Michele, the Venetian island cemetery. I haunt cemeteries. Being a mystery writer, I’m in love with the unfathomable. What’s more unfathomable than death and how people meet it? I live in my hometown, New York City. I love its change of seasons, its architecture, its skyline, its buzz, its food, its ethnic, age, sexual orientation, capitalist, socialist mix. Should I go on?  It’s all in my police procedural, The Lemrow Mystery.  I attend a liberal church, am a member of a left wing political group, belong to a conservative social club and did part time work in a museum that was founded by a staunch capitalist.  Go figure! Maybe having a socialist father and social climbing mother has something to do with it.

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