NYMysteries  Nov. 27,  2020

Jane’s Carousel
Manhattan Bridge
Five of the best

Last night when I was young… as the song goes…I spent Thanksgiving at Ceccione’s in Dumbo. To state the obvious, Dumbo is a pricy Brooklyn neighborhood. Its name stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It’s known for cobblestone streets, parks and  the East River waterfront. Imagine wending your way on Cranberry Street or Orange Street then heading down Dock Street toward the East River. Nearby is the Brooklyn Bridge Park and right in front of you is Jane’s Carousel. We dined on the terrace. Instead of having to pretend that we liked rain, we had perfect fall weather. Our view was evening turning into night time on the East River. Way, way above us the Manhattan Bridge teemed with trains chugging back and forth between Manhattan and Brooklyn. My  five friends are all conversationalists. Anything goes: politics, memories, murders. We had a huge dinner: from ravioli to kale salad to pizza and then the main course, followed by an assortment of desserts accompanied by lots of lovely red wine.