NYMysteries Dec. 5, 2020 Do you love cookbooks? I’m addicted to them. In addition to recipes, they’re filled with attitudes and memories. I have a tiered and tiny bookcase near the kitchen. I combed through it looking for the Judson 1981 Cookbook. No luck. However, pawing Il Talismano della Felicita that I carted back from Italy in the seventies ignited memories of fancy dinner parties complete with triumps and disasters. Chinese cookbooks were bought when I met my Chinese companion. After going to Sicily, I cooked with. Simeti’s Pomp and Sustenance. The photos in 1960’s Women’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery are gorgeous. Remember that wonderful magazine, Gourmet? I have a stack of them on the third tier. This is from the Judson Memorial 1981 cookbook. It’s an Apple Pie recipe from a 4 year old. I have not included the child’s name because I didn’t have time to ask permission.  

First put applesauce in a cake, then squish it and squash it, then put strawberries and hot peppers in it. Mix it all up, then put 2 vitamins in it. Make a crust with crackers.Plop in the filling. Cook

Women’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery. Christmas Cookies Vol. 3
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