We went to the Brooklyn Museum on a sunny, chilly fall day. I hadn’t been there in twenty years. It was like visiting old friends. I’m going to indulge my taste and share with you a few of my favorite paintings and a new discovery, the Choctaw/ Cherokee artist, Jeffrey Gibson. Gibson has an entire room dedicated to his work. I had hoped to reproduce a gigantic sculpture that resembles a vulture clothed in bright, sharp materials. The photo can’t be reproduced for security reasons. HUH?

SPEAK TO ME IN YOUR WAY SO THAT I CAN HEAR YOU is composed of driftwood, wool, canvas, glass beads, quartz crystal, glazed ceramic. Run do not walk to the museum before the exhibit closes, please.

This is A Storm in the Rocky Mountains. The artist is Albert Bierstadt. I apologize for trimming it.

The Mellow Pad by Stuart Davis

I love Davis’ work. Is it because it’s jazzy? Mellow Pad is jazz talk for a cool place.

The Virgin by Joseph Stella

I’ve always associated Stella with his painting of the Brooklyn Bridge so was touched by this gentle portrait of the Virgin, surrounded by flowers and fruits and with the Bay of Naples in the background.

It’s a wonderful museum and I can’t wait until they remove the name Sackler from the name of one of their wings.