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I’m quoting from the GREAT Rashida Tlaib’s recent email:

“We can’t continue the piecemeal, inadequate status quo of government services. Our neighbors are struggling to put food on the table, fighting to keep a roof over their heads, and rationing their medication. Most families are living paycheck to paycheck. 

But the majority of my colleagues in Congress are millionaires. They don’t understand what it feels like not being able to pay rent or make ends meet.

I grew up in a working-class UAW household, and my lived experience teaches me to lead with compassion. I understand how urgently we need bold federal action for economic justice.

I led the fight for the temporarily expanded Child Tax Credit, which lifted millions of children out of poverty in 2021 and cut child poverty in nearly half. But corporate Democrats and Republicans let it expire. So I introduced legislation to cut childhood poverty by 70%—by providing families with a universal benefit of nearly $400 per month per child.

I’m also fighting alongside restaurant workers to end the shameful federal tipped minimum wage of just $2.13 an hour—a starvation wage. I reintroduced the Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights to ensure thriving wages, require paid leave and healthcare coverage, protect workers’ ability to unionize without fear of retaliation, and more.

Last year, I led the fight in Congress to support rail workers preparing for a historic strike. And I ended up being one of the few Democrats who voted against forcing an unfair contract on them. Congress and the President squashed rail workers’ right to strike. We cannot undermine worker power again. 

I’m calling on Democrats to truly be the party of the working class, and to defend the right to strike—which is a powerful tool to fight corporate greed.

Our federal government is supposed to protect everyday people from corporate greed and exploitation. That’s the government I’m building, with your support. 

And adding my two cents: We have a creaking, elderly congress. Who wants to give up his/her position with all those lovely perks??