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Yesterday, President Biden met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, whose far-right racist regime wants to eliminate Palestinians altogether. 

Thousands of Israelis have been protesting for months against Netanyahu’s recent judicial overhaul as a threat to Israel’s democracy. 

But for millions of Palestinians, Israel has never been a democracy. The Indigenous Palestinian people have been subjected to forced displacement and genocide, and they’re not allowed to become citizens or have basic rights. 

For calling out these human rights abuses, I’ve faced attacks from Republicans and Democrats who want to silence any criticism of Israel. Their denial enables ongoing apartheid. 

But I’m not backing down. So pro-apartheid AIPAC and its affiliated PACs are gearing up to try to defeat me and other members of our Squad as we run for re-election in 2024. 

Funded largely by pro-Trump billionaires, AIPAC hosted Trump at their annual conference and endorsed over 100 far-right Republicans who tried to overturn 2020’s presidential election.  

They’re trying to destroy the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, because we’re building the power needed to end apartheid. 

Last year, AIPAC’s network spent over $1 million to flood my district with misinformation and attack ads in an attempt to mislead voters. But as the only Palestinian-American member of Congress, I will never stop fighting for a world where we can all be free. 

I will keep humanizing Palestinians, educating my colleagues in Congress, and calling to stop sending billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars each year to the Israeli military. Together, we can hold Israel’s government accountable for its ongoing war crimes. Together, we’ll keep building the movement for Palestinian liberation. 

Thank you for being by my side as we fight for the human rights of all people—with no exceptions. 

In solidarity,