January 7, 2023

Off to the Whitney to see the Edward Hopper exhibit. His painting and sketches flood the fifth floor. There was a well behaved crowd. We wove in and out each other’s space courteously and quietly. Wow! That’s a Saturday in a NYC museum. 

Hopper interests me because he has a hold on the American imagination. Families were gathered around various pictures. I imagine that in twenty years the five and six year olds will be doing what their parents did today: ushering their kids around a Hopper exhibit.

Some tidbits: Josephine Nivison Hopper was an artist as well as being Hopper’s wife and only model. After her husband died, she bequeathed their artistic estate  to the Whitney Museum of American Art.

This drug store was painted about 1932, the same time  the Hoppers were eating at the Automat and Hopper was drawing numerous pictures of it.


This is Night Windows from 1928.

November, Washington Square c. 1932/ 1959

Judson Memorial Church is in the foreground. The Hoppers lived nearby.
Jo Hopper, about 63 years old and Hopper’s only model.