NYMYSTERIES.COM January 30, 2022

I streamed Abigail Disney’s The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales. 

Ms. Disney, known to all as Abby, is Walt Disney’s granddaughter. The video begins with Abby explaining that she’s wealthy because of Disney. For years she turned a blind eye to the workers living in poverty. When a worker contacted her and showed her how he and his wife, another Disney employee, and their two child live, sleeping in their car, surviving hand to mouth, not able to live in Anaheim because of the rent, Abby went into action. She started with courteous emails to the then CEO, Bob Iger. In return she received nothing. Bob Iger’s net worth is about $690 million. Abby appeared before Congress and was accused of promoting socialism. Her video is brilliant and heart breaking. She points out it’s all about money. There’s no concern for people. 

Many of the employees love working at Disney Land. It brings back memories of their childhood – meeting Mickey and Minnie and Pluto and Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. Many of them hold two jobs. Not Bob Iger.