Lenapehoking and El born

NYMYSTERIES.COM January 23, 2022

Bean Tapestry, Bandolier Bag, Turkey feather cape. Joe Baker’s photo

Yesterday I went to Brooklyn to see a jacket made with turkey feathers…A small band of determined Judsonites met at the Greenpoint Library’s Lenapehoking exhibit. It was given in a dark room on the top floor, six people at a time. The exhibit included several articles of clothing made from wool, feathers and beads. They date from 1830 to 1850. There were displays of bean tapestries and of different kinds of corn and beans that the Lenapes introduced to the area.

For lunch we went to nearby El Born, 651 Manhattan Avenue. The food was based on Barcelona cuisine. We had many, many tapas of dates wrapped in bacon, brussel sprouts, grilled octopus, chorizo. A delicious outing.