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New York City Blog February 13 – February 20

“Waverly Inn – worst food in the city” – Donald Trump. This surprising statement is printed at the top of The Waverly Inn’s unique menu. I asked a waiter if the statement were true. Indeed it was, he answered, but Mr. Trump said it without bothering to come to the restaurant. If and when the Donald deigns to dine at The Waverly Inn, I recommend he start with oysters, followed by Dover sole with Hollandaise and then finish up with a scrumptious chocolate confection. After that I dare him to repeat his derogatory remark.

A Mural at The Waverly Inn
A Mural at The Waverly Inn





On Sunday, a friend and I went to the Emmanuel Baptist Church Jazz Vespers:. It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon. The friendly congregation dresses up. Many of the women parishioners were in red for Valentine’s Day. Eric Wyatt, the saxophonist, led a quartet of bass, drum and piano. Monty Love Crowe was spectacular on piano.

List some of your favorite foods that begin with D: duck, dumplings…Get thee to The Red Farm on Hudson. Go early. They don’t take reservations. There’s communal seating but if you’re lucky you can be seated at one of the three tables for two people. You’ve guessed I’m not a fan of communal tables. The dumplings and lovely duck skin – yum.


Friends and I went to 466 Grand Street on an icy Saturday afternoon to see Visible Histories: American Abstract Artists.The fifty-nine members of the eighty year old institution combined new techniques with old. For example, Clover Vail made a bold abstract design with ball point on a wood block.

Clover Vail's wood block with ballpoint
Clover Vail’s wood block with ballpoint