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Jason Tseng gave me permission to copy his portrait and description of two Ukrainian women.

#queersaints #queersaintsproject #lgbthistory

St. Lysia Ukrainka & St. Olha Kobylianska. Blessed be their names.

Ukrainka and Kobylianska are both important Ukrainian women writers who helped cultivate Ukrainian national identity, advocated for gender equity, and whose works espoused feminist ideals. They were also in love, as revealed by years of intimate correspondences. Read more at

When the Russian invasion started a few days ago, I wanted to find a way to uplift a Ukrainian queer ancestor, but I didn’t know anything about Ukrainian queer history. It’s a fascinating and rich topic, and it continues to prove that queers are everywhere, making moves, creating history, and making the world better. This is my first time doing a duo icon featuring two saints, but I was so moved by Lysia and Olha’s love story: two fiercely creative minds, bonded by art but separated by illness.

#queersaints #queersaintsproject #lgbthistory