Molyvos & angelique Kidjo

Friday evening was a happening. Remember happening? Wasn’t it first popular about forty years ago? My adventurous friend and I began the evening with an early supper at Molyvos. We made it early because, as you all know, you have to present an id and a vaccination card. Molyvos is an old-fashioned, real restaurant. By old fashioned I mean their waiters are professional, not actors resting. I geared myself up with champagne, hoping we would gain entrance to Angélique Kidjo.

I had thought that I’d bought the Kidjo tickets from the Carnegie Hall box office. Wrong. I bought them from a shadow organization that gathers tickets and then sells them to dopes like me for a substantial increase. I paid $262.37 for two tickets in Row H. That’s the second to last section of the balcony. I was emailed two tickets with the original owner’s name. The original price was $34.00 each ticket. So you understand the champagne. We got in. The Carnegie Hall personnal were professional and pleasant.

Angélique Kidjo and her west African friends and artists created a dynamic evening. She was as wonderful as promised. We were surrounded by very young people who knew all the songs’ lyrics. Carnegie Hall was packed. I loved being there, a few feet away from the ceiling chandelier.

You,who! Greetings from Row H, seat 106