Guantanamo and a quiet homecoming


Abdul Latif Nasser was imprisoned without charge at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for 19 years. He was transferred to his home country of Morocco on Monday. He’s the first detainee to be released from Guantanamo under President Joe Biden.  Mr. Nasser had been scheduled to be released in 2016. Former President Donald Trump, had reversed his predecessor’s efforts to depopulate the prison. 

Abdul Latif Nasser

We Judsonites are surrounded by gifted poets, writers, musicians, dancers. actors, cartoonists. The poet, Phil Eggers, wrote A Quiet Homecoming.

In celebration of returning to our space for Sunday services here is a poem, an offering dedicated to those who have come over the past two weeks, those will will come in the future, and for those who can only attend in spirit (for I am aware that a church and community is much more than four walls).

With love and gratitude,

-Phil Eggers

A Quiet Homecoming

No choir, no crowd, no coffee.

No banners, no banquet, no band.

Quite what to say.

Some sliding out.

But here and there

Some not knowing

Some slipping in.

A hand is shook,

A back is clapped.

Across the aisle

There’s a knowing nod

Or welcome wave;

Quiet and easy

“How do you do”s

Whisper and ripple

Inside the cavern.

A right, little company

To commune with.

To sit,

To share,

To summon

Whatever spirit that will serve.


Breath in the building

Once more.

The semi-silent, seismic sound

Of returning home.