NYMYSTERIES  February 12,  2021

At Judson Memorial’s Sunday service, Rev. Holly talked about Sam Cooke. an African American singer and songwriter known as the King of Soul.  1n 1963 his entourage was in Louisiana. They could not find a room. No one would take them in. Cooke became angry. He and his group left and went to a nearly town where he and his entourage were followed by the police and arrested for disorderly conduct.  He wrote “A Change is Coming”. 1964, the same year he died. Fifty seven years later, is his belief finally coming true? 

Sam Cooke

Chick Corea died at 79. He claimed that jazz was a little window where you explore. He thought of himself as a composer as well as a pianist. Corea was known for Jazz + Spanish, Cuban technique and along with Miles Davis, Jazz fusion. He is quoted as saying, “Play anything you hear. If you don’t hear it, don’t play it.” 

Chick Corea

Winter is still here. Wally Wentink’s dawn photo proves it.

Chilly NYC sunrise Wally Wentink