MOMA is my second home. Since childhood I’ve visited art works that have become old friends. Picasso’s Three Musicians, Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie , the helicopter hanging precariously for many years come to mind. Not to mention the movies or as we say at MOMA the films. This was my first visit since March. Few people, attentive staff and the wonderful, big art work I associate with NYC.

In the afternoon a friend and I went to the Morgan’s jazz from 3 to 5. It’s a casual affair. The BeBimBop Trio played soothing music. People drifted in and out. At the break we went to the David Hockney exhibit. Am I glad we did. Before yesterday I had not appreciated Hockney. That’s changed. His portraits of himself and of friends are revealing. He’s accomplished an enormous amount of work. There’s a video of him leafing through notebook after notebook.

MOMA Haegue Yang: Handles
MOMA exhibit
MOMA Paul Signac
MOMA Alexander Calder
Jazz at the Morgan. Barefoot drummer
The David Hockney Exhibit at the Morgan
At the Morgan: David Hockney’s An Image of Gregory, 1984
At the Morgan: a video of Hockey showing his artwork