NY Mysteries September 5, 2020

We went to the Morgan yesterday. Remember actually, physically being in a museum? We had to sign up and were given a specific time: 11 a.m .sharp! Once there, the staff was pleasant and accomodating.  At that hour I counted six other people.

In the East Room: the Library we saw the sculpted bust of Belle De Costa Greene,  a member of a prominent African-American family who was secretary to J.P. Morgan and to his son, Jack Morgan. Miss De Costa dropped her father’s surname, Greene, and passed for white. The Library is a sumptuous room: the regal and pious  statue of St. Catherine, the rare books, the ceiling paintings and tapestries.

Bellle De Costa Greene

In the West Room: Pierpont Morgan’s Study are the powerful portraits of Pierpont Morgan and J. P. Morgan frowning down at the room.

There are contemporary exhibits. I had seen the Jean-Jacques Le Queu exhibit on an earlier visit and treated it like one of those shows you go to for name dropping. I must have had my eyes shut. This time around I was astounded by LeQueu’s beauty and daring.

The well known photographer, Wally Wentick,  took a glorious, impressionist photo of Central Park.

Pierpont Morgan
J. P. Morgan
Jean-Jacques Lequeu (1757-1826)And We Shall Be Mothers Become…
Wally Wentick: Central Park
Brutus Jean-Jacques Lequeu