NY Mysteries August 8, 2020

Backstory: Three years ago I bought an iPhone X at the Apple Store in Portland, Or. The technician made sure that all the data from my old iPhone was transferred to the iPhone X, that I received a discount because I was trading in the old model and the old model. was recycled.

New story: The Apple store on West 14 Street, NYC, Aug. 3. Because of my previous experience, I assumed my new 11 Pro iPhone would be all set to use. I bought it because I had dropped my X and it flashed vertical neon lines across the screen. The genius with whom I had an appointment let me assume that I’d receive full service. He introduced me to another employee who handed me a box. “That’s your 11 Pro,” she said. Apple had not removed the X data, had not followed the Portland, Or. procedure. I told a manager that the genius should have stated that Apple no longer set up your new iPhone for immediate use. He said the Covet was to blame. Apple is using the Virus to make customers do Apple’s work.$1500 later and in shock I contacted my computer specialist and we made the iPhone 11 Pro almost up and running. Except Apple had not included a Sim card so I can’t make outgoing calls. 

If you go to the 14th Street Apple store be lawyer-like. Don’t be like me and assume nonexistent service.

On to good stuff. I’m attending Writers Police Academy virtual two day conference. Yesterday, courtesy of Zoom, I learned about Fingerprinting, Drugs and Homicide. Today, there’s a lively chat before the meetings begin.On to Child Abduction and Murder. Did I mention that I write crime novels??