NY Mysteries May 29, 2020

 What a week! A Black man strangled by a former Minnesota police officer, a Black man attacked in Central Park by an entitled white woman, Netanyahu bragging about annexing more land from the Palestinians, and , as usual, our president ranting like a spoiled brat on Twitter. Anybody mention coronavirus? 

Yesterday I accompanied Rev. Micah Busey, in clerical garb, to Foley Square for a rally to honor George Floyd and other Black Americans killed by white Americans. I gave up estimating how many people were there. Four hundred? Five hundred?  On the periphery the police watched. It was noisy. The young crowd thundered “No peace. No justice!” There were the exhilarating moments of unity.  I left feeling smug about enduring the heat and the noise and the crowds. I hate/love rallies. And you?

I was going to include a cute homemade doc about dogs. Forget that. It doesn’t seem appropriate to switch to Disney world in the midst of our national tragedy, prejudice.

 Instagram has a perceptive analysis: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAyfFnaJbyL/?igshid=ah5uv5b266y4