NY Mysteries February 7, 2020

Last week I attend the Grolier Club’s exhibit, Five Hundred Years of Women’s Work. It’s a vast collection and highlights the tragedies endured by women to achieve goals. It reminded me of John Stuart Mill. He was a British philosopher who lived from 1806- 1873. What most impressed me was his belief in the equality of women. In his teens he came upon a dead infant in a London Park. It motivated him to distribute contraceptive pamphlets.  When the British Empire made the buying and selling of slaves illegal, Mill stated in Parliament that women were also slaves. His book The Subjection of Women ( published 1869)  attempts to make a case for female/male equality.[53] He went to jail during his life because of his beliefs and was caricatured in many periodicals. This caricature is by SPY and was published in Vanity Fair in 1873. Its title is “A Feminine Philosopher.”






I’m honored to have been asked by the Green Party to once again be a State Committee Representative.

Now for a stern note. Governor Cuomo wants third parties to increase their number of votes if they’re to remain on the ballot. I belong to the Green Party and received this disturbing letter from the Green Party. Howie Hawkins, our presidential nominee, is quoted. 

If you thought Bernie Sanders was the only one facing the wolves this election season, let us inform you that he’s not.

It’s become pretty obvious that there’s all-out war against Bernie Sanders, and the DNC’s picks for the committees that will oversee nomination convention business certainly underscores this reality. And now with Barack Obama threatening to “go public” on his opposition to Sanders, you know the fix is in.

Last week in an open letter, Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich, and other progressive luminaries insisted that Howie Hawkins and the Green Party vote Democrat for president in battleground states.

They condescendingly describe Green votes as a self-indulgent “feel-good activity” as if Green votes are not votes for urgent climate action, real social and economic justice policies, and peace policies.

Don’t they see that the Democrats have joined the Republicans in supporting pro-corporate economic policies and pro-war foreign policies that have generated growing inequality at home and endless wars abroad?

As Howie said, “The left cannot outsource fighting the right to the Democrats.”

Howie points out that the Democrats have helped to normalize Trump by joining with him to overwhelmingly support military budget increases, the US Mexico Canada Trade Agreement (NAFTA 2.0), and the prosecution of Julian Assange and persecution of Chelsea Manning.