NY Mysteries Dec. 14, 2019

Christmas Rappings

Last week I saw the two performances of Al Carmine’s Christmas Rappings. The Judson music director and conductor, Henco Espag, led the chorus and soloists through a thrilling and evocative performance, celebrating the fifty year anniversary of the four gospels musical.  The performers and chorus were in the moment and they were happy to be there. Their passion filled Judson.  I’m going to fill this week’s blog with photos of the event

Judson Memorial Church


Mark Joseph Perry
Christopher Michael McLamb
Alexandra de Suze
Sarah Nelson Craft
Ryan S. Lowe and Chorus
The Chorus
The Chorus and the Director
Sarah Blaze
Lulu Fogarty
Al Carmines


Al Carmine’s I Became a Composer
Music director and conductor, Henco Espag
Lee Guilliatt, Craig Kuehl and members of the chorus
Essie Borden