Out of New York City Monday, Aug. 5 – Sunday, Aug. 11

Portland, Oregon could be in the land of  OZ.  On a wallIMG_0287IMG_0289IMG_0273in Fred Meyer Supermarket these words are quoted from the London Times:  Portland is a bracing mixture, vital without being precious, laid-back without being starry-eyed. More than that, Portland is funky, not in a self-conscious way but as a reflection of how the locals choose to live.
Remember the wonderful Oz characters: Jack Pumpkinhead,  a jack-o’lantern, and his live Sawhorse, Tick-Tock, the Nome King and of course the Cowardly Lion, Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow, Dorothy, Toto, the Wizard and Ozma of Oz? They’re unique and sometimes weird but always appealing. Their modern day counterparts live in Portland. Here’s a photo of Toto who’s known as Indie in Portland. She’s going on a bike ride with Ozma of Oz.
Benson Bubblers and Roundabouts are unique Portland features.