New York City Blog – March 6 – March 13

I attended a short and intense matinee performance at the Joyce, a former movie house called the Elgin. Now, it’s a snazzy, small dance theatre, vaguely art nouveau with a terrific rake. You can see the stage from every seat in the house. Alessandra Ferri and Herman Cornejo danced in Trio Concordance. Are Ferri and Cornejo doing a Fonteyn/Nureyev? Both couples imbue their work with great sexiness.  Bruce Livingston, the pianist, played music ranging from Bach to Glass, including one of my great favorites, Erik Satie. In addition to Livingston, there was a quartet. It’s wonderful to have live music for a dance performance.
Rudolf Nureyev
I’m having an operation. In hospital talk that’s called a procedure. There’s so much backstage stuff when you’re scheduled for an operation: getting okays from your primary care physician and cardiologist, reporting to the hospital ahead of time to go through information and blood tests, drinking various potions the night before. Since audios calm me,  the night before the operation I listened to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. I was transported to Prince Edward’s Island.